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Where To Get Hydroponic Materials

You'd be surprised how little you need to make your own hydroponic system but you'd also be surprised of the complexity of some of the system available.

If you're building your own system all the materials you need can be bought at your local hardware store. You may even have some materials you can use laying around the house. Other materials you may be able to salvage from a construction site refuse. And of course you can buy completed hydroponic systems and parts from a licensed hydroponic dealer.

Ultimately the materials you acquire will vary based on the system you decide to build. Although the principle for hydroponics remains the same with all the systems the execution is different. Most systems will usually use an air pump and water pump. Water pumps can be purchased at any home and garden center or hardware store. Air pumps (as they are commonly used with fish tanks) can be found at pet stores and sometimes at secondhand goodwill store for a very cheap price.

Other common materials include net pots/baskets, this is the container your plant will grow in and allow the roots access to the nutrient. Don't be afraid to get creative when locating your hydroponic materials. Net pots can easily be created from an old plastic cup or container, simply add a few holes and you have your basket. A water reservoir is another standard item that can be found around the home. The reservoir contains your water mixed with your nutrient solution, a large plastic storage bin that can hold at least 10 gallons would work well in this situation.