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Maintaining a hydroponic system

Some people assume that by growing your greens hydroponically there is little to no maintenance involved. In an ideal world this would be true however it's important to remain realistic with your systems. Factor such as failed pumps, lights and fans as well as pests and disease can still be a very real problem even for indoor hydroponic grows.

Although we can't completely eliminate the odds of encountering one of these problem we can however greatly reduce our chances through preventative maintenance, routine cleanings and early detection.

A general rule for all grow rooms regardless of the type of hydroponic system used is to simply keep it clean. This includes before setting up and after you take things down. Pumps, walls, pots, trays, reservoirs, tubing and grow media can all be cleaned with a light bleach solution (approx. 10% bleach to water). This will help control potential fungus and disease as well as pests from becoming a problem.

A simple clean can go far beyond benefiting basic plant health but it can also aid ensuring mechanical components to your hydroponic system stay running for years without needing replacements.

Brow roots vs. very white hydroponic roots

A well maintained clean system can mean the difference between brown slimy roots and healthy white ones.

How to clean your hydroponic system