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Welcome to makehydroponics.com an easy to follow online hydroponic guide for beginners. Here you can learn about hydroponic systems and how to build them. You can even watch free online videos to give you tips and ideas about how to start your own hydroponic system.

  1. choosing the right hydroponic system

    choosing the hydroponic system you want to use can vary on a lot of things. Where you live, the plants you are growing and your access to materials can all have an effect on your decision. If you would like to learn about the options available to you just click here.

  2. getting the materials you need

    Whether your budget allows you for the best of the best or you're looking to save some money by finding cheap or free materials. Getting what you need can be as easy as clicking your mouse or resemble more of a treasure hunt.

  3. starting your build

    Once you've gathered your materials for your hydroponic system it's time to start building. But where do all the parts go? Click here for some tips that can save you a headache and funds.

  4. starting seeds for hydroponics

    You want what's best for your plants and nothing helps more than giving them the best possible start. Whether you want to start them in soil or Rockwool keep in mind they will eventually be transferred to your hydroponic system. This section will help you give your plants the jump they need to grow big and strong.

  5. How to mix nutrients for hydroponic systems

    Making up your nutrient solution is a regular job for hydroponic growers and most of us probably think we know what we're doing, right? Well if you're not mixing you nutrients correctly you could well be impeding the performance of your nutrients and plants.

  6. maintaining your hydroponic system

    A great advantage to growing hydroponically is the control you have over the elements. There can be a lot less babysitting compared with soil plants but there are still a few things you should know. Identifying problems in your plants, adding nutrients and setting your timers it's all covered in this section.